What game equipment do I need?

You’ll get from us all the equipment you need. Don’t forget sports shoes and comfortable clothing. For better gaming comfort, we recommend you to bring your own scarf under the headband with sensors that detect hits from your opponents.

You get a protective suit, which you put on your own clothes. During the game you will run and hide, so keep it in mind when choosing your sports outfit.

Lasergame is a team game and at least 6 players in a team are required for a great gaming experience. The maximum number of players is 30.
If your team is less than 6 players, let us know and we will try to add more players.

The game is not suitable for pregnant women. Also, if you suffer from epilepsy or other serious medical complications.
Glasses and lenses will not limit you because you don’t wear any mask.
Lasergame is suitable for anyone who wants to have fun or play sports.

You can park free of charge in front of our arenas.

Yes, you can put things in a locker, or you can store your valuables at the instructor.

Yes, it is possible to have a shower after the game. But let us know in advance that you are interested in a shower so that you have enough hot water.

Weight depends on the type of weapon. The lightest weapon weighs 0.58 kg, the heavier weapons are approximately 1.2 kg.

You will probably sweat a bit (therefore we have showers available). However, team spirit and cooperation are way more important for winning than only good  physical  condition.

Of course, we do accept card payments. Payment by card is possible from 15 euros.

If you don’t have teams split in advance, the instructor can do so on the spot.

If you are not 15 years old, you must come with a legal representative, or accompanied by a person older than 18 years.

If you let us know in a timely manner that you have your own music ready and we fine-tune the technical details, you can have your own music mix during the game.

Definitely yes, whether it is a teambuilding, tournament or celebration. We will be happy to prepare a special event for you.

Yes, our gift vouchers are ideal as a birthday or Christmas gift. The voucher will be issued on request, the minimum value of the voucher is 1 hour of play, i.e. 15 euros.