What is it all about, how do you play and what should you know before you start playing.


A colourful classic with adrenaline.

Paintball is a very simple and very entertaining team game, which can be played in many ways. As you can feel every hit, you will experience an adventure packed with adrenaline of a real firefight, testing your tactical skills and teaching you how to play in a team.

In Warlords we use the best quality safety masks and our professional instructors ensure your safety.

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A realistic soldier game.

If you like realism, then airsoft with the combination of a AK-47 are just for you. Prepare yourself for more tactical and team-based gameplay and don’t forget to confess every hit you take.

Our sub-machine guns are fully electrical and every player is equipped with a helmet, a liner and full seal goggles which meet the highest standards.

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Like in a computer game - lasers, grenades and health-packs.

Lasertag is a futuristic and above all painless action team game which entertains people of every age.

This game will likewise test your ability to cooperate in a team and adapt to diverse situations without feeling any pain.

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Types of matches

Have you tried them all?


5- 15 minutes
A years proven classic. Your team against the rival. Last man standing's team wins.

Bomb Defuse

3- 5 minutes
One of them plants and protects the bomb, and the other tries to destroy it.

Capture the flag

10 - 20 minutes
Two rival teams and one flag. Team which brings it to it's fortress wins.


15 minutes
Two teams compete for a checkpoint. Team which can hold it the longest wins.


15 minutes
You fight to get the biggest amount of territory. Team which get the most wins.


What you might want to ask before coming

Does it really hurt when I get hit?
As your paediatrician used to say, it might sting a little bit. Maybe you will even bring back a few small bruises. Everything depends from the distance and how many times the enemy hits you. Many times you wouldn't even notice if it wasn't for the colour.
Yes, free parking is a matter of course.
You'll get a protective overalls you wear on top of your clothes. You can come in comfortable, sporty clothes. Masks can also be worn with glasses on, but rather take contact lenses, it's more comfortable.
You definitely cannot play if you are pregnant. Also, if you suffer from epilepsy or any other serious medical complication. Otherwise, paintball and airsoft are suitable for anyone who wants to get entertained.