Here you can find basic info about lasergame and paintball. If you have further questions after reading this, try our FAQ.


Like in a computer game – lasers and health-packs.

You will feel like in a computer game during the laser game – you will experience hits and healing. Winning team is the one that can better manage the selected game scenario. The hit is completely painless, after the hit you do not have to wait for the next game, it takes only a few seconds to return to the game.

Laser game is a game that will test your ability to work in a team, adapt to a variety of situations and burn a lot of calories on a top of it.

Laser game or lasertag is an action team game and ideal activity for corporate teambuilding, fun with friends, birthday or bachelor party.

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A colourful classic with adrenaline.

Paintball is a very simple and very entertaining team game, which can be played in many ways. As you can feel every hit, you will experience an adventure packed with adrenaline of a real firefight, testing your tactical skills and teaching you how to play in a team.

In Warlords we use the best quality safety masks and our professional instructors ensure your safety.


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Adrenalin and fun

Time to start fighting ! Do you own the airsoft equipment? Don’t think, take your friends on airsoft game and test your courage and team spirit.

Players are split into two groups and placed on opposite sides of the battlefield. After sounding the start of the match, both teams will go head to head against each other.


Game Scenarios

Have you tried them all?


5 – 15 minutes
Years proven classic. Deathmatch is the basic type of game that we recommend for every player regardless of experience. Two opposing teams try to eliminate as many opponents as possible while getting the least hits. Each team has a recovery base where it can revive after each hit.


15 minutes
Every second can decide in this game scenario, in which you apply team strategy. Your team's task is to acquire and maintain an area that is located in the middle of the pitch, Checkpoint. After the shot is fired to a specified location, it lights up the color of the hit team. To win the game round, your team must hold the territory longer than your opponent. Each team has a recovery base that can be used indefinitely times.


15 minutes
This game scenario is a challenge for the team of bodyguards that accompanies the VIP person from point A to point B. The deranged fanclub team is trying to prevent this and destroy the VIP. Fanclub occupies and defends two territories, bodyguards try to find the safest route for their VIP person to move. The player has one life per round in this game, i.e. after being hit he/she does not revive but goes to the rest zone.