Lasergame/paintball arena

Snow arena

Battlefield inspired by a cult Counter-Strike map fy_snow.

Capacity from 6 to 20 players

Suitable for small groups, parties or teambuilding.

Open year-round

Safety zone and base are heated during the whole winter season.

The most entertaining safety zone and bar

Table tennis, table football and your own music.

Place where camouflage won't help you

In Snow Arena, you can’t rely on blending with the environment.

If you don’t act tactical, just one bad step is enough to get yourself under the fire of a hostile team. Try to beat your opponent with a fast forward strike or be vigilant and defend your position.

A number of well placed barriers can be a strategic advantage. If you don’t use them in their favour, your adversary will.


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Right in the Bratislava city center

Open year-round, base with heating, biggest safety zone.

  • Kopčianska 6066
    Petržalka - Bratislava
  • Free parking
  • Bus stop: 80, 99, N80 – 400 meters
    Bus stop: 59, 91, 93, 94, 191, N93 – 700 meters

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